15 Jan

I love crêpes.  They are so versatile.  You can make them savory:  asparagus and chicken, broccoli and cheese, spinach, bacon, mushrooms, eggs – the list is endless.  I have a confession, though, I have never eaten a savory crêpe.  I almost  have several times, but I have quite a sweet tooth!  I also like warm crêpes.  I went to a French restaurant in Tucson this past weekend for breakfast and they served their crêpes COLD!!  Maybe that’s how they do it in France, but my American taste buds needed them warm!! So, I had to come home and make my own to share with you.

You can buy crêpes and they do taste good enough.  The difference, though, they seem to rip a lot easier then homemade ones.

You’ll need milk, flour, vanilla, water, eggs, salt, and melted butter.  I used skim milk because that’s what we drink and I hate going to buy something new for just one recipe.

This is a crazy simple recipe.  First, mix all the ingredients, minus the flour, in a small bowl.

When combined, add your cup of flour.  Stir.  If if seems too thick to you, you can always add more milk a little bit at a time, but it should be fine.

See the lumps, try to get as many of those out as you can.  I find using a fork is really helpful.  My mom always did it, so of course, I learned to do it as well!

Grease up your skillet really well.  I normally use Olive Oil cooking spray, but not with these beauties.  They need real butter and the pan needs to have all the sides buttered up.

Perfection!  All nice and runny.

Now, this is usually the part where people get intimated with the whole crêpe process – don’t let it!  Even if you have a couple “practice” crêpes, they will still taste delish!!   Pour in the batter paper thin by swirling it in the pan.



Swirl and cover

Sweet, mine still has lumps.  It still tasted wonderful!!  Cook until your crêpe looks dry and bubbly.  No more shine (probably about 1 min)  FLIP!  Use a spatula to loosen the edges and keep from tearing the crêpe.

Edges start to curl away from sides

Now, just like a pancake, it only needs a few seconds on this side, probably 30 – 45 seconds.

This is where you can get creative with your filling.  My favorite, though, is Nutella, bananas, and whip cream (I’ll give ya’ll the whip cream recipe later this week – you’ll never get store-bought again). If you melt the Nutella for about 30 seconds in the microwave, it makes it a lot easier to spread and lowers the chance of ripping your crêpe.

Remember the edges are suppose to be a little crispy.

Assemble:  Nutella nice a thick, then sliced bananas, little whip cream for good measure.  Fold in thirds.  Nutella drizzle, what the heck! Then nice little fluffs of whip cream.  Eat.


Bon appétit!

Printable Recipe


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