Pistols Up!

Now, I am not one of those girls whom you would call a sports fan.  I love the Suns Steve Nash.  I cheer for either Oklahoma team that’s playing because it’s a piece of home.  My husband is smart enough to know that if he wants me to be excited about a game, we throw a party.  There is something magical, though, about being at a game.  Going to the Suns game: super fan. Going to the Fiesta Bowl, surrounded by people from your home state, seeing the sheer bliss on your husband’s face:  mega super fan.

Orange Power

Shout out to the adorable girls from Stillwater that sat in front of us – section 121 row 20 seats 8 & 9.  The one was a 6th grade teacher too and for those 5 hours we were family.  We were not strangers when we hugged, jumping up and down, when we scored that winning goal in over time.  Shout out to the awesome family from Fort Worth that sat behind us row 19 seats 7 – 9.  He owns his own stock brokerage and went to OSU in the 70’s.  We took turns taking pictures of each other; double high-five with their son, screaming together at the win.

To begin with, we got to spend time with our friend, Dave, from high school, and his amazing wife, Crystal.  They drove from Oklahoma down here to Phoenix touring some of our greats on their way – The Grand Canyon.  We got to have dinner with them and somehow Dave found us at the tailgating party the next day!

Crystal and Dave

Secondly, we got to spend time with Hammer’s twin brother and his wife.  It was great seeing them since we didn’t get to go home for Christmas. Unfortunately, it was cheaper for them to fly in and out of Tucson, so they didn’t get to see our house or even get to stay with us.  Maybe when Oklahoma State makes it to their next Fiesta Bowl!

As awesome as it was to see our family and friends, sorry guys, but you know, it pales in comparison to the exhilaration that overtook the stadium when the game went into over time.  The Standford Trees? Cardinal? Whatever they are claiming, missed their field goal. The Cowboys: Touchdown!!!  They stormed the field!  Thunderous explosion from the field and the stands!  Then they freaking took it away!  REDO.  Playing it safe, they went for the field goal and the win of their first B.C.S game!  What a high!  I would totally do that again!


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