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And so it begins. . .

24 Jul

Ryan and Stacie

We are newlyweds (June 9, 2011) and are in our first house!  It was a foreclosed home and the previous owners left it in quite a state – they took the air conditioner for heaven’s sake!!  Luckily, my man is wise in the ways of handyman stuff: I just say, “Baby, can I have an outlet here?”  He looks around the wall, shrugs his shoulders, says, “I don’t see why not.” And a few “exploratory” holes later I have a new plug-in!  He is definitely the Hammer in this operation, but I have a few DIY tricks up my sleeves, though they lean more towards the artsy side. 

On the other hand, I am the Spoon.  I love cooking.  I love everything about it: the solitude of being in the kitchen, the simple joy food can bring to people, I even like the clean-up signifying the completion of a culinary adventure.  Right now, I’m not one of these kitchen geniuses that can create a masterpiece from my own mind, but I can take a recipe and make it my own. . . I am working on the first part, though.   

This is a chornicle of our journey with our house, in the kitchen, and occassionally our travels, you’re welcome to join us.

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