Within the Spoon tab, you will find my attempts in the kitchen.  I’ll even tell you about my failures so you don’t make the same mistakes!!

I am by no means a chef.  I have taken one class with a chef and it was a four hour candy making class.  I gifted this class to my father becasue every October he starts talking about making candy and every December he starts talking about what he needs to learn before the next candy making “season.”

I just love to cook.  I thought I just loved to bake until I gained confidence in the kitchen, thank you, Hammer.  It turns out, the more he tells everyone how much he loves my food, the more I learn and like to to experiment.  I feel like when you love what you’re doing you pour a lot of yourself into it. . . maybe that’s why the things you’re passionate about usually turn out so well. . . .whoa too serious there!



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