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Flourless Torte (Naturally Gluten-Free)

3 Jan

So, I have a very dear friend who should be eating gluten free, but drags her feet.  She turns up her nose and says, “I like too much of this stuff,” and will usually gesture to an array of sweets and snacks.  It so happens that her birthday was coming up and we observed it via a surprise party.  I thought, well, since I like to experiment in the kitchen, her birthday gift will be a delicious gluten free chocolate cake and show her she can have goodies and be gluten free.

Have you ever had a flourless torte?  They use to serve them at PF Changs.  I fell in love, but at the time I wasn’t much of a baker.  I have thought of that lovey little dense cake that tasted like warm brownie batter several times since we last parted. . . . MmmMmmm.  Oh, excuse me, sorry.

Since this is my first recipe post, I kinda forgot I was going to post it until I started the baking process. Ooops.  Start, though, by greasing a 10-inch round pan.  I use PAM butter flavored spray because it’s easy, but use your favorite method of making your pan anti-stick.  I also use a springform pan because I suck at popping cakes out of their pans.  It’s a patience problem.

Melted sugar and salt

Start by melting the salt and sugar in water over medium heat. It should get nice and clear like the picture.  While you are waiting on that to melt, start your chocolate.

Like my nails?!  That is pink glitter with a zebra print beneath it – Happy New Year!!

So, any semi-sweet chocolate will work for this.  I used good ol’Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips in a double boiler.  But, you could use a microwave, they turn out the same.  I was waiting on the salt and sugar to melt, so opted for the slow method.  Don’t forget to stir that salt and sugar a little!  This cake needs 18 oz of chocolate for the 10 inch version.  I actually got the kitchen scale out and weighed it.  You don’t need to be that exact; it was about a half oz difference in the weight and the measuring cup.

When the salt/sugar is completely dissolved, set it off to the side.  Let your chocolate melt and start chopping up your butter. It takes two sticks of the unsalted stuff.  Your chocolate should be getting close – keep stirring it!

Nice chocolatey mess in the background, but it’s at the perfect consistency.  Once it’s all melty and yummy, pour it’s deliciousness into your stand mixer bowl, or bowl for an electric mixer, or if your chocolate bowl is big enough for the remaining ingredients, save yourself a dish to clean and use that!  I HATE doing dishes.  It’s my absolute least favorite chore.

Since my hubby got me a beautiful red stand mixer for Christmas, I used that.  Put your cut up butter in your bowl one at a time.  I have to admit, towards the end, I got impatient and didn’t wait for the butter to be completely incorporated into the chocolate. I thought I’d never get through it!

Pour in your melted salt/sugar – it does not have to be cooled:  warm or hot works just fine.

  Drop your eggs in one at time; this I did do one at a time all the way to the end.

Are you ready?  It’s time to pour this beauty into your pan and put into the oven.

Oh-my-goodness I’m so excited! This cake is so wonderful!  Pop that baby into your oven for at least 45 mins (mine took 60, but check at 45).  It’s okay if looks wet in the center, but not jiggley.

I am happy to report that the first comment from this cake was, “Oh my! That torte was to die for!” And with that, that man and I were no longer strangers.  So, go, make it now.  Don’t call it gluten-free to any one, but the gluten sensitive – Flourless Torte.  Serve it warm.  Serve it à la mode.  Serve small slivers, this sucker is dense!!

Click here for the printable recipe

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